• Micro Bands are essentially Power Bands which are smaller in diameter thickness. Because of their size, shape and resistance they are well-suited to rehabilitation, prehab and activation drills. Iron Edge Micro Band are made of woven fabric & rubber, resulting in a band that is more gentle on the skin and hair and making them virtually unbreakable.
    • 5 different resistances from- Light-Medium-Heavy-X Heavy-XX Heavy
    • Won’t roll up
    • Longer lasting than current Rubber Bands
    • Washable
  • Sale!

    Foam Roller

    The Fortress Foam Rollers are made from dense, durable EVA foam and is resistant to sweat and other forms of corrosion. Foam Rollers are designed to target painful trigger point areas to help soothe muscular pain and discomfort, eliminate uncomfortable knots and relieve tension. Improve stability, balance and flexibility, increase blood circulation and boost core strength when used both pre and post workout. Our rollers are also widely used in the increasingly popular technique of Self Myofascial Release (SMR) also known as foam rolling, trigger point therapy or self-massage..
    • Perfect for muscle recovery and maintenance
    • Helps improve overall myofascial wellness
    • Durable construction
  • Gym Ball / Exercise Ball

    Whether you use our exercise gym ball as an alternative seat or a training tool, it will help improve posture and strength. It also helps increase the body's flexibility and balance. Designed for commercial use, our gym balls are made from a robust anti-burst latex rubber that have a weight capacity of 500kg. Our gym ball includes exercise chart, ball pump and tape measure. This is definitely a great addition to any home gym's list of must-have equipment. Choose the right size for your height, or ask as to recommend which ball is right for you. A general guide is below 45cm - Yellow - Less than 5ft Tall 55cm - Red - 5ft - 5ft 7inch Tall 65cm - Green - 5ft 8inch - 6ft Tall 75cm - Blue - More than 6ft+
    • The FORTRESS Spikey Ball is harder than the reflex ball
    •  It is excellent for body massage and helps relieve tension
    •  Protruding nodules help increase blood flow which helps to decrease muscle tension
  • Power Bands are one of the great resistance training tools. This is because the word resistance, as applied to the Power Band, means so many different things. They add all kinds of specific benefits to your training.
    • Great for assisted chin ups, weight lifting, pilates and core exercises
    • Manufactured as a durable continuous thick strip of rubber
    • Approx. 214cm full circle length (107cm double length)
    • Dimensions: 14mm width x 4.5mm thick
    • Approx Resistance: 2.5 to 15.0 kgs


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